Our Story

Ultralight is a brand new store with an innovative ambition. We. want to allow the every day user to have access to modern day lighting technology with an easy to follow, user friendly, format and at an affordable price. The store was created by me, a practising electrician who soon realised in my day to day work that there was an increasing volume of customers which required smart lighting but had little to no knowledge on how acquire nor set it up. The thing is, smart lighting is really so simple to set up, there's really nothing 'smart' about installing it at all. Thats why I have created Ultralight, a store/information website that enables you to enjoy that wonders of smart lighting without the need of calling out an electrician.

The great thing about our smart lights is that all you have to do is change your current lightbulb to one of our smart-light bulbs, download our app and you are good to go! It really is that simple. You can set time schedules, change the colour scheme for optimal ambience or even just turn the lights off at night without having to get out of bed.

"Smart lighting is a revolution, it's only a matter of time before every single person has smart lighting throughout their homes."


Over 16 Million Colours

Any colour, for any occasion. Be the envy of your friends with the widest variety of settings to choose from.

Timer Schedules

Want to turn the kids lights of at 7pm, or maybe have your own lights turn on at 7am. Anything is possible.

Global Operation

The smart-light connects to your device via wifi meaning you can operate your lights from anywhere in the world.

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